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Submission Guidelines in German
Submission Guidelines in French

Preparation and Submission of Manuscripts in English

General conditions

The Journal neither favors nor excludes any research orientation. Manuscripts may be submitted in German, French or English. Articles are considered on their merits and in relation to the overall suitability of the journal. All manuscripts are subject to review by the editorial committee and by independent experts, whose names are not disclosed.

It is understood that manuscripts accepted for publication are subject to editorial revision.


IMPORTANT: Contributions should be accompanied by a statement that they have not already been published, and that they will not be submitted for publication elsewhere without the agreement of the Editor-in-Chief.

Manuscripts submitted for publication should include a cover page (full name of all authors, institutional affiliations, as well as the full mailing address and e-mail address of the corresponding author). The authors should not be identifiable in the body of the manuscript.

Authors must observe the usual rules and practices regarding the reproduction of copyright material in their articles, assuming responsibility for obtaining permission where appropriate.

PLEASE check the Journal’s guidelines before submitting any manuscript.

Manuscripts should be addressed by e-mail to:


Lausanne, January 2021